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Graphic Design, Web Design & Design for Mobile, Oxford

Technical ability
Charm and a sense of humour

We have worked for:

LSDC (Branding)
LONDONLEADERS (Branding, Web & Graphic Design)
BERMANGUEDESSTRETTON (Web Construction, Hosting & Support)
EMPIREARTS (Branding, Web Design & Graphic Design, Hosting & Support)
DARWINTUTORS (Branding, Web Design & Graphic Design, Hosting & Support)
JESSOP&COOK (Branding, Web & Graphic Design, Hosting & Support)
PENWARDENHALE (Branding, Web & Graphic Design, Hosting & Support, Photography, Sketchup)
CREDENCE (Branding, Web & Graphic Design, Exhibition Design)
OXFORD ADVANCED SURFACES (Branding and Product Naming)
HISTORIC FUTURES (Branding, Graphic and User Interface Design)
FOODFOUNDATION (Emergency Web Support)
PARASOLPROJECT (Helping out with whatever we can)
DEADDUDE (Branding)
GOVMENTAL (Branding, Minimalist Web Design, Art Direction)

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